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Hot rolled sheets/plates unpickled or pickled. The quality of the sheets/plates is developped especially for plasma- or lasercutting and also for optimal stamping or bending. LaserpressPlus® is available in different "Steel grades".


Advantages for laser and plasma cutting :
- Faster cutting: up to 30% more productivity due to a lower Silicon content and minimisid surface scale.
- Perfect flatness.
- Limited deformation of the cut piece.
- Minimised burr on the cutting side.

Advantages for automatic bending, stamping and punching:
- Excellent cold transformation due to a higher yield point.
- Flatness tolerance = maximum 3mm/m.
- Refined metallurgy with narrow tolerances: exact bending and perfect reproduction piece after piece.


To be able to enjoy modern technology in steel processing, it is necessary to use sheets adjusted to the most up-to-date technologies. Sheets ought to be free of stress, have a superior degree of flatness and should be better to handle when cold transforming compared to the classic plate.
To answer all these questions Van Heyghen Staal NV has developed a new quality: LaserpressPlus®. Its fine grained structure, high yield point and a guaranteed flatness tolerance of 3mm/m ensure that this quality can answer to the harshest quality requests. A productivity gain of 30% is quite common when you use LaserpressPlus®.
This exceptional result is achieved by our exclusive in line Skin-Pass. This Skin-Pass eliminates all internal stress, improves shape, provides greater thickness control and produces a more desirable surface finish.
Our exclusive in line Skin-Pass continuously corrects the shape of hot rolled sheet and plate, combining continuous cold reduction with corrective levelling equipment. Producing this way, we can guarantee a constant and measured elongation of the full thickness of the sheet/plate.
This unique way of producing ensures a unchallengeable supreme result!
LaserpressPlus® exists in various steel grades of hot rolled steel, pickled or unpickled, with trimmed edges or mill edges.

LaserpressPlus® is obtained in three stages

1. A modern metallurgy with narrow tolerances :

Ex: Mechanical characteristics
 S235JR LaserpressPlus® 240
Tensile strengthRm : Thickn. > 3mm : 340 up to 470 N/mm²Rm : Thickn. > 3mm : 340 up to 440 N/mm²
Yield pointRe : 235 up to 370 N/mm²Re : 240 up to 340 N/mm²
ElongationFrom 17 % to 33 %From 28 % to 33 %

Ex: Chemical composition
 S235JRLaserpressPlus® 240
S0,045% max0,025% max
P0,045% max0,030% max

2. A better precision when processing:

- Thanks to a perfect temperature control during hot rolling , LaserpressPlus® sheets are stress free.
- LaserpressPlus® sheets also have a more narrower thickness tolerance than standard sheets.

3. Removal of residual stresses by combining Temper Mill guaranteed elongation and corrective levelling. Our exclusive Temper Mill in line improves shape , provides greater thickness control , produces a more desirable surface finish and eliminates internal stress memories of hot rolled sheet and plate.

Our machines are specially designed to guarantee following flatness tolerances:
Flatness tolerance : in mm/1 meter

Tolerances acc to EN 10051Ordinary tolerances LaserpressPlus®
3 - 25mm700 - 1200mm153
 1201 - 1500mm183
 1501 - 2000mm233

Dimensions available: standard or special dimensions:
- Thickness from 3mm up to 25mm LaserpressPlus® 240
(for LaserpressPlus® 960 max. 8mm)
- Width from 1000 up to 2000mm
- Length: thickness 1,5 till 12 mm: 800 till 13500 mm
- Edge trimming or mill edges

- unpickled or pickled
- oiled or unoiled

Other tolerances:
- Thickness, width and length: according to EN 10051 (more narrow tolerances on request)

LaserpressPlus® is deliverable from stock in the following steel grades:
- LaserpressPlus® 240 : ideal substitute for S235JR & DD11
- LaserpressPlus® 355 : ideal substitute for S355
- LaserpressPlus® 420 : ideal substitute for S420
Other qualities up to LaserpressPlus® 960 , on request

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